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About Sub Shuttle

We are the BEST limousine service in the Bay Area.

Sub Shuttle

We are the premier ground transportation service that will accommodate individuals, corporations, educational facilities, government agencies, and  airports with competitive prices in all of our luxury vehicles.  We have state-of–the-art eco-luxury business shuttles  and Town Car for VIP services.  Sub Shuttle only employs well-trained chauffeurs, who transport hundreds of people each day to & from work and to special venues. No event is too small or big for us!

Sub Shuttle is one of the leading providers of sustainable, luxury ground transportation solutions. With headquarters located in California, Sub Shuttle is at ground zero for eco friendly options.  We pride ourselves on being able to meet the specific needs of private and corporate clients.  Sub Shuttle excels in driving passengers safely and reliably to their desired destination.

Sub Shuttle believes in making a difference to the environment while enhancing their client’s experience.  Sub Shuttle’s has the unique Go Green program on our vehicles that uses alternative fuels. such as compressed natural gas, bio-diesel, and propane. 

Sub Shuttle believes that our experience, attention to detail, quality assurance, and comprehensive training sets us apart.  Our vehicles are  designed  for 4 to 20 passengers.

Sub Shuttle chauffeur training focuses specifically on teaching and educating chauffeurs how to conserve fuel as they drive. We are consistently making upgrades to our fleet.  By continuing to purchase the newest vehicles with the newest technology and newest industry innovations, we are able to conserve fuel. All of our Driving Partner’s have the following License:   

TCP License: #29258

Group Discounts

We provide discounted limo pool rates for corporations looking to save money and make their employees happy.
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