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What’s SubShuttle Delivery?
SubShuttle Delivery provides localized delivery services in cities across California with the highest level of care and amazing speed. Our unique model and network of drivers let you get your package(s) delivered in as little as 1 Hour! Now that is fast.

SubShuttle gives our client/customers complete control over their deliveries. You can buy in the morning and have it dropped off at lunch, or choose any specific 1-hour time slot. We’ve created a simple online order form as well in-store solutions, so you can add SubShuttle as a delivery option with zero fuss.

Shop and book online at your favorite stores and look for the SubShuttle option, or book a personal delivery within your local town or city.

How it works
SubShuttle delivery can help you get more done without getting your hands dirty. Many of our customers enjoy the convenience of making purchases locally from the businesses in their neighborhood, but don’t have the time or the vehicle to get their items home right away. Busy people have a lot to get done in a day, and loading a heavy item in their vehicle themselves just isn’t practical. Fill out the form below to get started!

Pricing depends mainly on time and miles driven. Unlike other delivery companies that may charge you per item, we want to simplify things and get you the best pricing and service available. This means that if you have 50 items that can fit in the delivery vehicle, no problem!

Please be aware that when getting a SubShuttle quote it is your responsibility to ensure that your package will fit within the capacity constraints of the vehicle selected.
Each individual piece being transported by the car or small van must not exceed 50lbs.

The rates vary by the type of vehicle you would like:

  • Pickup truck cost $50 base + $2 per mile + $25 per hour including labor
  • Cargo vans cost $60 base + $2.50 per mile + $25 per hour including labor
  • Box trucks or sprinter vans cost $125 base + $3 per mile + $25 per hour including labor

Hourly labor only apply to loading and unloading. You’re not charged for driving time, only miles driven. Additional charges may be incurred in certain circumstances. Contact us first if you are unsure.

How many items are included in the price of the SubShuttle/Delivery?
SubShuttle/Delivery is whatever can fit into a Pickup Truck, Cargo Van or Box Truck. If it can’t all fit into one SubShuttle/Delivery, you will need to request another SubShuttle/Delivery to make sure all of your items get moved.

SubShuttle gives you complete control over your deliveries. You can buy in the morning and drop off/unwrap at lunch, or choose a specific 1-hour time slot.

SubShuttle/Delivery hours of Operation
Movers are available Monday-Friday from 9am to 9pm and Saturday-Sunday from 9am to 8pm. Fill out the form below or call us to request a time.

When would I use SubShuttle?

  • Missed the mail today and need something delivered across town?
  • Stuck at a job site and need materials picked up from Home Depot and Delivered?
  • Need furniture delivered or hauled away?
  • Sensitive documents that you need hand delivered?
  • You have some junk you need hauled away? (additional fees may apply)
  • Left your keys at the office?
  • Want us to go grab you lunch?

We provide a delivery service that’s fast, convenient and simple, accommodating the demands of your hectic lifestyle.

SubShuttle is available in towns and cities across California. To check the service is available in your area, fill out the form below and we will get back to you shortly.

What can I deliver using SubShuttle?
We’ll deliver pretty much anything provided it’s legal – with a couple of pretty obvious exceptions:

  • Live animals
  • Hazardous materials (e.g. explosives, radioactive substances, etc.)
  • Dangerous items (e.g. guns, knives, etc.)

For more information please contact us.

  • Please specify exactly which item(s) we will be picking up, along with any quantities