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Valet Services

Are you having a party or special event that requires personal Valet Service? Sub Shuttle Valet Parking Service is the best choice to make an outstanding first impression with your guests!

We provide professionally trained staff and amenities so that you can rest easy knowing your guests are in great hands.

What you get:

  • Professional Valet Staff that have been vetted and trained to provide the best level of service.
  • All Equiptment: Key Stands, Rain Cover, Custom Signage, etc…
  • Insurance: While extremely unlikely, in the unfortunate event that and damage occures, we are fully licensed and insured so you can rest easy.

SubShuttle Valet parking service is about more than just parking our guest cars ,But about making an impression that shows your guests you care – that their safety, comfort, and convenience is important to you, their host or hostess.

Custom Signage:
Our service begins even before they arrive – with custom-made signage to direct them straight to your door. Our signs are produced in-house and placed at strategic locations throughout the surrounding area, so even newcomers to the area can find you with ease.

Next, our uniformed attendants will greet and welcome each guest upon arrival. Part of their standard
training consists of customer communication, so you can rest assured that each guest will be
treated with attention and courtesy as they arrive – and again as they depart.

Protection from unforeseen weather
Rain on the day of your event? Don’t worry. We’ll hold an umbrella and walk each guest to
the front door as they arrive. On rainy days and during cold months, we’ll also erect a tent,
complete with a heater so guests can stay dry and comfortable while waiting for their cars. During winter coat season, your guests will be pleased with the convenience and security of
our coat check service. Yes, we’ll supply the racks.

Security and Communication
Once each car is parked, the tagged keys are placed in a locking steel valet podium. A combination lock ensures that only Sub Shuttle Valet employees have access to those keys. Two way radios keep employees in continuous communication throughout the event.

With SubShuttle Valet your next SubShuttle valet parking experience will be the best you’ve ever
had. If you are planning your next event and are in need of a SubShuttle Valet for your valet parking services in SubShuttle, please contact us at 866-256-8182 we will ensure that we exceed your SubShuttle Valet Parking expectations.